Saturday, 22 November 2008


Good morning folks.
Wherever you are, in whatever part of the world, in whatever time frame,
i wish YOU a great morning. Why 'morning' you may wonder?
Right! It's my sense that the greatest part of every story is it's morning.
We are at the dawn of a GREAT STORY. I'm inviting you to a special
self-discovery and self-improvement journey, a journey to knowledge,
a journey to wisdom, a journey to...SUCCESS.
This is our morning, our early morning, let's make HISTORY together...
Ready?... Go!
First, some clarifications about TODAYMILLIONS.
As the saying goes, everything in this life is subject to change, everything,
whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not.
We, as human beings also are affected.
Our reality and environment are constantly changing, whether we are aware
of it or not, whether we accept it or not.
That's why they say that, the only thing that doesn't change is... CHANGE.
We can notice that, as a result of that change, everything our forefathers
were dealing with in retail, our fathers were treating in thousands
(that time thousand was a large number). The same things today, we are
trading in millions.
What our fathers needed in thousands, today we need in millions. What they
were meeting, facing and suffering from, we are also... but in millions.
Each of us has today millions of dreams, millions of projects, millions of
doubts and fears, has to face millions of challenges, needs millions of dollars to solve
millions of problems.
That's why, the solutions that were working for our forefathers and our fathers
won't do us any good today. Things have changed since, so, we have to change.
We need solutions a million-fold, solutions that consider our today reality
and put things in perspective. That's what TODAYMILLIONS is all about.
Why 'TODAY' ?
For the same reason - CHANGE - time has evolved a thousand-fold.
What could be considered for one month yesterday, cannot wait for a week, today.
Hours fell into seconds. Whatever is not considered today is missed forever.
Now you can see the big picture after every component fell in place.
You understand now the big MISSION of todaymillions:
to offer millions of opportunities, to millions of willing candidates,
to make millions of dollars, save millions of lives, help millions of people,
solve millions of problems... TODAY.
This was the preparation to the first step of our journey.
We won't fly it and we won't ride it, we will walk it, step by step, so that we
are sure everyone follows... No fallback , no disappointments.
Be on the watch for the first chunk: through this journey, we will consider a
new concept of: money, riches, success, financial freedom, tithing, gratitude,
generosity, money attraction, right investment, the power of dreams, the
passion to help,...

From my Desk
Bounama Diallo
The crazy Giver

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


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